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I was wondring if anyone has the same problem as I do,I haven't slept for more than 2 hours for at least 3 weeks the doctor told me I was having a manic epsode and was put on seroquel I take 100 mg at 9:30 and don't fall asleep til 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning then I wake up at 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning I've been tried on ambien, lunesta and none of them has helped me sleep I was wondring if anyone had any sugestions as to what I should try next. right now I am on abilfy,seroquel,prozac,ativan as needed,lamictal,invega,and geodon this combo of meds has helped with the voices and delusions(which I am slowly begining to realise aren't true) I now am finally realising that i am realy sick it took me four years to finally realise thisI just wish I had more support from the peple around me because some of them have told me that I am posesed or that I got this way due to somthing wrong that ive done.any replies wold be helpful!
Thanks Stephanie