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The worst - Haldol. Haldol paralyzed me. I was constantly depressed, full of anxiety, couldn't sort out my thoughts, and felt foggy headed, couldn't concentrate and reason out anything. But they say that Haldol is good for severe cases and emergencies - true - it stabilized me and possibly saved my life! Haldol is usually prescribed temporarily and then the treatment follows to something else. Mixed blessing.
Geodon actually made me more delusional and hallucinatory, in addition to ridding me of any appetite and giving me chest pains. (beware of geodon if you have heart condition!) It actually hurt to eat food on geodon. My thoughts were obscured and askew.
Another worst - abilify. No sleep. Two days wide-eyed-open! Incredibly manic and accelerated. I was high-strung, high-wired and 150% alert - a borderline crisis alert that touched my paranoid buttons!
Effective - zyprexa (although beware of diabetes - olanzapine causes types 1 and 2). Stable, concentration excellent, focus and attention sharp, although very sparse and in between thoughts. It seemed my thoughts were blocked, similarly to haldol. Good for functioning, although it has a 'cloning' effect and you feel a bit robotic.
Even more effective - seroquel. Can't praise enough. Got my sleep back. Has an anti-panic effect. Has a calming effect. Got rid of my anxiety. Helps me make day-to-day stressful decisions. A bit sedative, but can be compensated with some coffee or tea. Also mood stabilizer. If you take for enough time, till the therapeutic effect kicks in, the drowsiness of the med will wear off.
Best - risperdal. Great for functioning. Has a 'don't panic effect' to hold back the crisis spells, and it holds you focused and calm without wearing off your humanity. Risperdal is great for soul-searchers, since it has an effect that doesn't clone you or make you desensitized. A very 'human' drug. Its action does wear off on your feelings or cause 'numbness' like zyprexa or haldol.