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Yes you need to get off of this med quickly. Ask your doctor if he can prescribe you a sleep aid like Lunesta, or Ambien to help you get off of that med. In my experience Lunesta worked the best but left a metal like taste in my mouth that was unpleasent. Another option I have tried is about 100mg of seroquel to get to sleep...it works well but you get used to it quickly so I couldnt use it every night..just every other night. Ambien has worked very well for me to sleep, the Ambien CR didnt do anything for me but regular Ambien works well(10mg) they make a 5mg too if you wanted to start out small. If you get a sleep aid it will be ALOT easier to ween yourself off of it quicker because you will still be able to sleep at night! Hope this helps...talk to your Doctor about it.