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Well, thank you for your posts. The medication is Remeron, and I actually only took it once becasue I was so affraid of the potential for weight gain. They did give it to me because of the lethargic effect.

When I was in treatment for my ED I was on a whole host of meds, some with the weight gain potential. Zoloft, Seroquel, Effexor, and Klonopin for anxiety. At that time I only gained what I needed to gain to be healthy too. At this point in my life I don't want to be on long term meds, so I'm going to talk to my dr. on Monday.

It is just so crazy where my mind goes.

If it is Remeron, I would ask your doc for another med. That is NOT a good med to give someone trying to recover or in recovery from an ED. Not only that but it made me SO lethargic all the time (I could barely function during the day) as well as never ever full when I ate. It's not widely prescribed any more; I'm kind of surprised your doc tried you on that.

Maybe ask your doc about Trazodone for sleep. It has been around forever and has relatively few side effects other than dry mouth and sometimes grogginess in the AM (if the dose is a bit too high) and helps a lot of people (it helped me though not as much as Seroquel). Or what about a sleep med like Ambien (though I didn't have good results with this one, it caused me to have panic attacks, but some people like it) or Rozerem or Lunesta?

Did you ever try OTC remedies for sleep? I did have good luck with Valerian root especially after drinking chamomile tea about a half hour before hand. Melatonin helped me too but not as much as the Valerian. I also try to have a nighttime routine where I read for about an hour in bed before trying to sleep to get my mind on something else. Also, it helps to have the temperature a bit on the cool side at night. For me, Valerian worked almost as well as Trazodone (though it is an extremely stinky herb). You might want to check out the sleep board.