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I have been in a relationship for 2 years with a 35 yr. old paranoid schizophrenic. He is on medication (Seroquel), which he, thankfully, consistently takes. My problem is: What do I need to know about how this disease affects sexuality. It is not a matter of medicine side effects or lack of desire, it is a matter of he seems only interested in penetration. No kissing, no stimulation of me, no "connecting" with me. It's almost like he is worried I am taking something from him sexually by expecting MUTUALLY satisfying relations. There is no passion in my life, and add all the other ways life is difficult living with some one like this, I'm wondering how worth it is it? When I try to talk to him about this he just says "Don't worry baby, I love you." I am really starting to get frustrated! Any advice would be great. Thank you, Lib.