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Hi to all,

My dad was sent to a new Neuro dr. today, by his new nh dr. He went by wheelchair transport and my mom rode with him and I followed in the car. The new dr., said that instead of alz. and parkinsons, my dad had Lewy Body Disease. He said there were not meds to help him, and that possibly Seroquel or some other drug may have to be used for aggression. He also said the the life span left, was less than alz. and parkinsons.

Any knowledge that anyone has, would be very helpful to me. Or any sites to look info on this new disease, would be great.

Thanks, Wannabe:wave:
my husband was dianozed with lewy body and has parkinson he is also on seroquel for his combative times. Had to increase it to one in the morning one in the afternoon and 3 at night to keep him not agressive. You can go on ****** and type in lewy body and you can find some sites . Says they come in and out and seem normal at times you can never talk in front of them if you don't want them to know what you are saying because they will tell you about it later.