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I'm assuming that you believe you have some sort of mental illness. Unfourtunatly, I feel obliged to inform you that more likely than not the symtoms of your "illness" have been manufactured by an outside force. Whether you choose to believe it or not, there exists a global conspiracy on scale almost too large to fathom. The perpertrators of this conspiracy are occultists - they practice the black arts. Now your first instincts may be to dismiss this as complete nonsense, but ask yourself this; if a group of individuals were practicing black magic that inflicted great harm on a great many people, would it not be in their best interests to deceive people into believing that such powers did not exist and were entirely fictional? And if it just so happened that these individuals had complete control over the media, government, and religious institutions, would they not do just that?

The reality of the situation is that more often than not, psychiatric patients have been attacked by "magic spells" (for lack of a better description) cast by warlocks/witches/wizards/etc. that has compromised their psychological integrity. Usually, this nefarious individual is a freemason.

I myself am Bipolar, and in the past I too would have dismissed such claims as ridiculous and that anyone making such claims was in need of some seroquel. But one day, I decided that enough was enough and that I was tired of being bilked by pharmaceutical companies for a product that was making me physically ill from a host of nasty side effects. It made sense to at least take a shot and live without any medication. I mean, I could always go back on if it didn't work out, right?

So I began the process of weaning myself of my meds, and things proceeded quite smoothly. That is, until I started to see people I recognized from around campus repeatedly, over and over, like they were following me around. Well, I won't go into the details of my whole experience, but it ended up with a masonic recruiter inviting me into his home asking me if I wanted to be a freemason. This guy made no bones about his group's interest in the occult and their agenda. I respectfully declined, since I had no desire to be party to the abuse and manipulation of my fellow man.

These people have great power, not only because they control all of our major institutions, but because they have mastery over the spiritual energy that is present in all of us. While this proposition will sound completley insane to you, they do have the ability to control someone's mind, to communicate telepathically, to manipulate your endochrine system, among other things. For instance, the voices that so many schizophrenics claim to suffer from are almost certainly the result of a warlock/witch/wizard either actually communicating with them telepathically or manipulating the auditory centres of said person's brain.

You might be suprised, but a A LOT of people hear voices, people you would never suspect. A wall street banker or university professor might hear voices all the time, only they are aware that these voices are actually those of another person who is intentionally communicating with them, so they don't start freaking out. This is because they are affiliated with the freemasons, and have been properly initiated and trained to use telepathy.

My advice to you is this - Believe in yourself! Believe that you are a good person because you are such a good person! You're not messed up; it's the people out there with power, money and social status who are messed up. Whatever you've done, I assure you that it pales in comparion to the heinous and depraved crimes of the freemasons and the illuminati. Relax, and rest easy knowing that you are a victim, a victim of a corrupt and depraved society that would decieve you into believing that you are somehow ill or defective and then drug you up for profit. You must learn to control your mind, to be able to control your emotions and be strong, without any drugs. And that's the last thing they want, strong people who have the ability to resist them. They want people to be weak, ignorant, drugged up, in fear and not in control of their own minds, because people like that can be controlled and manipulated.

Don't see a doctor, Draw on your inner strength! True strength is the ability to keep going - No. Matter. What. To keep plugging away at life, to keep on doing your best, to keep on fighting, in the face of anything life throws at you. That means anything! Divorce, Sickness, Unemployment, Debt, Lonliness, Failure, whatever happens don't give in! Just keep moving forward with your head held high because you are a human being who has the right to live in freedom, Even if you have to fight propaganda, psychological abuse, spritual attacks, all day, every day, for the rest of your life.

Be strong. Just keep telling yourself to be strong. Tell yourself : "I have to be strong. I have to fight for my freedom. Life is a battle. All day, every day, I'm fighting against the powers that be who would seek to enslave me."

Don't compare yourself to other people, because in the end you have no idea who they are or what they do in their spare time. They might be happy, but I bet a high-ranking **** or communist party official was pretty happy too, considering all the priviliges and power they were granted. And that's exactly what a freemason is - a ****ing ****. And anyone who's anyone is a freemason.