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My dad is also taking Seroquel. I also had fears about it, after reading the Seroquel website. I didn't want him taking it. My dad was getting increasingly hard to handle. His temper was just out of control.So much so his primary VA doc. sent him to the psyc dr. She explained it as 1st the manufacturer proctecting itself, but more important than that is that for most patients it works very well, especially with patients such as my dad that have "temper tantrums" He is like 2 different people. The risk is 1/10th of 1% according to the research articles she gave me. So for my dad the benefits far out weigh the risk. But for some it does not do much good. My Aunts 2nd husband recently passed away. He was on Seroquel for awhile, but she stopped giving it to him. She said it made him much worse. So like most drugs it may just depend on the person. Since being on the Seroquel, dad sleeps much better and is having less and less temper issues. He seems much calmer most of the time, more even.
Hope this helps!
[QUOTE=gdschillins;3062652]My mom takes serequel as does many ofthe ad and vd patients I've met. However if you look into the warnings it actually says not to give to anyone that has dementia or alzheimers because it can cause them to have side effects that could kill them. So why do they all take it? Does anyone have an idea?

My FIL also has been on this for more than a year. He was placed on it after he became increasingly violent. At that time he was still fairly strong for a guy in his 80's and had struck one of the attendants. In the last six months he has become increasingly frail and cannot walk without his walker. Today our pharmacist told us the nursing home is eliminating the seroquel so I am assuming since he is no longer violent and can't do much even if he is, the doctor is eliminating it. He never had any problems while he was taking it even though he was on all sorts of high blood pressure meds.