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Hello all,

First, I would like to thank everyone out there who participates on this board. I just found this board and think it is great that there are so many people out there willing to help. Thank you.

I was involved in a terrible car accident in 2001. It left me in pretty bad shape. Ultimately I had several herniated disks, a ruptured disk, and various other minor injuries.

The pain I experienced after the accident was debilitating. I had terrible low back pain, and some bilateral leg pain. The pain in the low back was constant and acute. It ached, throbbed, and I would experience a sharp stabbing pain no matter how I moved. It was awful. The leg pain was minimal at first, and has grown substantially over time. My leg pain initially consisted of patchy, aching/throbbing all over. It was random however, and this seemed to confuse my doctors. I would feel it on my left thigh, and right calf area at one time, and my left calf, and right foot another. Shortly after the accident I had also began experiencing some loss of feeling in my legs.

I have since had 3 low back surgeries (L5/S1). The first was a lami. Unfortunately the disk ruptured immediately after surgery. The second was a fusion at L5/S1, BAK cages and my bone material. I felt decent after the second surgery -- for about 4 or 5 months postop. The back pain diminished some, however the leg pain persisted and continued to get worse. Then my health declined - I crashed. The back pain came back worse than ever. I was back to where I was at earlier - but the pain was getting worse. It turned out that I had psudoarthrosis - my fusion didn't take. My third surgery was a reconstructive surgery at L5/S1. A new surgeon went in and corrected the problem. This time synthetic bone material was used, as was more metal. This time the L5/S1 fusion took. The back pain deminished again, however the legs continued to cause me much pain.

I continued looking for someone to help with the problems in my legs. I went to George Washington Univ Hosp, Cleveland Clinic, The Mayo Clinic, and Johns Hopkins. I got a lot of opinions and found a great surgeon at Johns Hopkins. He was confused as to why I was still experiencing leg pain, and if I was, was convinced that it was permanent. He did however did full imaging of my spine, something that was never done. I had always had low back pain (so that is where they focused imaging), but he wanted to have a closer look at my entire spine. He found that a syrinx had developed and had caused the shape of my spine to change. They were very concerned about the syrinx, and performed cervical surgery within a few days. It was never to help or correct the problems in my legs, but was necessary, as the continued growth of the syrinx would continue to cause the spine to misalign.

Now, several years, my leg pain has progressed into full bilateral pain, no longer a patchy pain. The leg pain starts up top and is constant and consistent to the toe. I now experience 3 different types of leg pain. The first is a dull overall achy feeling. It is now constant, and never lets up. I also experience a throbbing feeling - like a headache. And the third, a new symptom, a shocking pain in my arms and legs. It can last for 5 minutes, or 4 days. It is terrible. I cannot function when I experience this pain. I also have continued frequent loss of feeling bilaterally, which is getting worse.

At this time my back pain has returned, and I have developed an acute stabbing pain in the right hip area. I have received trigger point injections to help it, nut they don’t seem to help much anymore. The hip pain gets so bad that if I put weight on my leg it causes the pain, and I cannot walk.

I have seen pain management doctors throughout this ordeal, and most have been helpful. My current pain doc is a neurologist, who specializes in pm. He works out of DC, and Hopkins. He has been great about my meds, however I have gotten to the point where I am on such high doses, and they don't seem to be doing the job they did 2 years ago. We rotate meds some, which used to help, but not anymore.

At this time I am currently taking: Methadone 10mg 5xday, Mophine 30mg 6xday, Fentora 400mcg 2-3xday, Fentanyl patch 100mcg/hr every 72hrs, Seroquel 50mg per day, Tizanidine 4mg 3xday, Cymbalta 60mg 2xday, and a sleep aid.

With everything that I am taking, the pain is still there. I know to expect that it is just going to take the edge off, but it's getting to the point where I feel as though I am not taking any meds.

Does anyone else experience this? Can anyone offer any suggestions as to meds that I can ask my doc to try? Trust me when I say I don't want more, I want to cut it down some. I was hoping there might be something that I haven't tried that may help me. I have tried most of the normal meds such as vicodin, oxycontin, dilaudid, roxicodone, but it has been a while since I have taken them.

Any help would be appreciated. As most of you already know, this condition has completely changed my life. My wife and I are at our wits end. We just don't know what to do anymore. It seems like I spend my life in bed because it’s the only place I am comfortable.

Thanks for listening.