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Hi, I'm getting psychological testing done soon but I'm impatient to know the results. My doctor says I have symptoms that fall under so many different categories (depression, hypomania, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, disorganized/cloudy thinking, anger) that it's hard to diagnose me. Oringinally my diagnosis was Bipolar NOS with social anxiety, then borderline personality was added to it. Recently, though, there has been a lot more seeing and hearing things and I can tell my doctor is sort of starting to worry (hence the psych testing). Here are my symptoms over the past year:

depression: inability to get out of bed, crying spells, not taking showers, extreme lack of motivation, no appetite, reclusiveness, not wanting to do anything, feeling really bad about myself, can't concentrate

hypomania/mania?: racing thoughts, talking a thousand words a minute, no sleep with tons of energy, feeling just really good, having great ideas and designing them in a matter of seconds, dancing around to blasting music, doing impuslive things (cutting my own hair, dying my hair constantly, painting the wall... with my feet, ordering things of late night tv).

anxiety: major anxiety around other people, don't like to talk to others, fear of talking on the phone, fear of getting in front of people, pretty much anything having to do with people.... led to not having many friends when growing up, or now actually.

paranoia: before seroquel i did a lot of pacing, i was always afraid in the dark, i thought my dad was in the CIA, i saw ant traps and thought they were recording my thoughts, etc

hallucinations: also before seroquel i used to see dead people aroudn my bed at night, when i was younger i used to see bees on the walls surrounding me, recently i've had a man in black shorts following me- he seems very real to me. i also hear things, like my mom talking and she won't be there, or also lately i hear a blender and i go looking for it and i can never find it

disorganized thinking: before i was on seroquel my mind almost felt poisioned, like i couldnt control myself. i saw an old friend from this weekend and she told me i've always been smart but this is the first time shes ever seen me and felt like i've actually be listening and understanding... and its true ive never actually been able to connect with people before seroquel

anger: i can get anger really quickly, and once one thing sets me off i stay angry... and then get snappy and snap at everyone

ok sorry this is so long, but what do you think? I guess I'm kind of afraid of a schizoaffective diagnosis. It seems so much worse than bipolar! I mean it really doesn't matter as long as my medicine is working- my doctor just increased my seroquel from 400 mg to 600. Hopefully the man in the black shorts will stop following me!