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Hello everyone,

I have been taking 150mg of seroquel every night for sleeping and ive noticed that it makes me SO HUNGRY, cravings every night, and i've put on weight because of it. I am about 5 foot 11 feet tall and weight 185lbs.
Im trying to lean off the seroquel, now im down to about 70mg and im doing good, my goal is to stop taking it altogether, and what im wondering is

what will happen to my weight if i stop taking the seroquel?

Do you have any advice for leaning off seroquel?


I have BP type I and I was on 1200mg of Seroquel to control Mania. I gained 30lbs in a year. My doctor reduced my dosage to 300mg, but I am having a hard time losing the weight. Unfortunately, it doesn't help me sleep at that dosage.