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I am a 32 year old Schizo. This summer I just came to terms with the fact that am sick and it is not because of the FBI, CIA or NASA, like I always think during an episode. I've been in 5 hospitals in the past 4 years, each time having a run in with the law. I've done some extremely embarassing things and said horrible things to good people. But, I cannot hurt myself over that, I have to accept what is done is done and I can only try and fix the future. If you suffer from paranoia (ie people talking about you at work), then more than likely you have a mental disorder. Delusions and voices, then you def. have Schiz. I wish I could tell you it will go away, but it always comes back. It usually begins in your mid twenties, late twenties, but for some it starts young. You need medication. That may stabalize you. I am on Seroquel and Lithium. Don't be scared of them, you can always go off them, but if you are paranoid, you need to do something ASAP, before you can't control it anymore and it controls you. My trigger season is the spring. I am dreading the spring, because I fear I will get sick again and repeat the cycle. Do yourself a favor, before it becomes full blown, get help. Accept you have a problem and seek a psychiatrist or therapist. I know, believe me, you do not want to go to a mental hospital. They are the worst. Catch it before it catches you. Be Well, Fly