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Hello, sorry to hear about your problems. My daughter has been hearing voices and having hallucinations (seeing people in front of her etc). She also has intrusive thoughts. (If you want to know more you can check my post history).

She has been put on Seroquel and it seems to be helping her. Of course, as you know, not all drugs work the same for everyone but it might be worth a try? It must be very very scary for you...do you know, when these things are going on, that they aren't real or are you convinced they are?
hi Xant, thanks for your reply.

while i'm in the moment and these things are happening i generally believe and act as though they are real. when i'm out of the moment i can usually see that it wasn't real.
with the voices i have to fight them all the time because they are there most of the time. i know it's not real, but some of the voices imitate people i know, which makes it hard.

i'm glad to hear the seroquel is helping your daughter. i think i'll ask for a med change once i've finished this packet cos they're so damn expensive i don't want to waste any!