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I have a few mental issues, and I am taking Depakote, Cymbalta, and Seroquel. Everyday, since the beginning of summer, I've been sleeping for about 14-18 hours a day, and I don't wake up rested. During the time that I am up, I feel tired, sometimes to the point where I cannot keep my eyes open. I'm so tired I can barely function.

I've tried exercising, but I just end up sleeping more. I've cut my sugar intake, and have been eating more fruit and veggies, but no change. I drink more water, maybe not enough, during the day, yet it gives me a little boost and I'm back to where I was.

I have school coming up. I'm only taking 9 units (a lot for me), but I'll barely make it if I continue this. I'm trying to start my career as a writer, and I get depressed when I can't concentrate.

My psych just made a med change, so I have to wait for the results to see I get any better.

Please, share your tips on how to function when tired, or if you have any tricks on waking up. I'm also getting into color theory and have been focusing on using color to balance my moods and physical health when needed. However, I can't focus on too much red to give me energy, I'll just end up irritated.

I should note that before this summer, I was usually sleeping 10-14 hours a day, which is still too much. I keep bringing it up with the psych, and he keeps trying to fix it, but no significant changes have been made.

Thanks for any encouragement and help.
Have you asked your doctor to reduce your Seroquel dosage? Do you take it all at night? Seroquel can make some people really sleepy.
[QUOTE]Regarding color therapy focus on orange first if red is bothering you
Thanks for the suggestion!

I do take my seroquel at night. Any lower, I get paranoid...any higher, I get paranoid. Its been my antipsychotic for a long time now, the other types just make me sleepy all day as well.

Well, I will probably be talking to the psych soon about it. So far, I've slept a little less in the past couple days.

Oh, and color therapy is like focusing, wearing, or bathing in certain colors to balance energy, mood, etc. I discovered this when I started feeling less anxious when I changed the color of my room from red to violet. That red gave me some hard days.