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I was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia. I am suffereing from only one symptom: auditory hallucination. I am hearing only one voice. I've been hearing it for 8 months and am unable to control it.

I was put on medication for the first time three weeks ago: Seroquel. Right now I am taking 400 mg of Seroquel once a day (actually once a night before bed.)

But so far, the medication doesn't seem to be eliminating the voice. My doctor insists I am on the right med even though I have complained every week that the Seroquel hasn't shut off the voice.

Here's my question, for those of you who know about this stuff -- am I on the right med? The right dosage? Or does it ordinarily take a few weeks for Seroquel to actually work?

What meds have others of you found to be effective for shutting off voices?


Seroquel works for me but once in a while I hear the voices as well. The problem as my doctor explains it to me is, a person with disorders such as ourselves, don't really have anxiety attacks, but when we have major anxiety our body is trying to release it, to do this our anxiety travels to our brains and creates dellusions, the worst form of anxiety yet. I would suggest, writing down the time you are hearing the voice and what you were doing ot thinking about before it came, then see if there is a pattern because something you are doing is causing anxiety. Also meds usually workd within 3 weeks, and you are on a very high dose of seroquel, but unfortunelty some meds don't work for some people. It is a chemical imbalance in our brains, so we need to find the right chemical to shut it off. Good luck