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my shrink has prescribed me seroquel (25mg) for sleep, and it's worked a-m-a-z-i-n-g-l-y!

it's an atypical antipsychotic, and the usual dose range for people with those types of afflictions is upwards of 400mg/day. it's an 'offlabel' type of prescription for insomnia. i told my dad about it (also a doctor), and he has also used it for patients with bad insomnia with excelent results. way better than all the others, and the rebound sleep isn't nearly as nasty to achieve, and no nasty withdrawel. believe me when i say it works like a charm :)



[QUOTE=cjammom;3190704]Hey CT..its 4am and now the second day without any sleep at all!!
I cant stand this insomnia any longer!
I too have constant anxiety attacks when I try to sleep and cant..
I have fibromyalgia and no sleep makes this condition much worse..so I am enduring pain throughout my body as well
Ive been on ambien..what a terrible rebound effect that had when I tried to get off of it..Ive just been on elavil..a mild anti depressant used to treat fibro and sleeplessness..it just stopped working..Ive tried melatonin..no good!!
Im with you....totally desperate for sleep!!
Im gonna see my doc..Ill call him tommorrow..or should I say sometime today..I cant do this one more day!!

from someone who understands!