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Question about these meds....my mother was prescribed Paxil back in March for depression/anger, and it finally started calming her down after about a month. At the end of June, she was hospitalized for CHF/heart attack for 2.5 days. I could have sworn that I grabbed her Paxil when the paramedics were at the house and asked to see all of her meds. While inpatient, she was prescribed Seroquel on discharge by the attending physician due to her observed combativeness/night agitation.

Her refills of Paxil ran out a couple of weeks ago, and her primary refused refills, saying the Seroquel worked the same way. Well, after about 3 days, she fell right back into that verbally/physically abusive mood, and has been this way for a frickin' week! I also blamed the full moon!

I called her doc's office, informed them of this, and they called me back saying that because the Paxil was not on the discharge report, they couldn't continue to prescribe... they had to go by what was on the discharge report. They said she needs to be seen so they can re-evaluate her....well, getting her to go is like talking to a brick wall.

Can the effects of the Paxil leave the body that fast, when it takes so long to become completely effective? She is back into that depressive state, not believing that anyone cares about her, that everyone hates her, blah blah blah