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I was on all those meds, and am no longer on them due to side effects as well. I gained too much weight on zyprexa, it seems right before bedyou want every bad food in the book. Everyone I know on zyprexa had the same side effect. Geodon made me have tremors. The point I am getting to is I have the same anxiety about medications as you. I have so much paranioa about meds, that I actaully called the FDA one day. They cause me to become more paraniod because i have so much anxiety about them. But I am on them because when I do find the right combo it works, although I don't want to be on them. I constanty go back and forth. Seroquel and tegretol have been great for me I have been on them for 8 years. although, I take many others, Those 2 have been long lasting, and klonpin or clozapam. Good luck I know how you feel