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Fisbie, I feel your pain. My daughter has the same thing. She had a severe psychotic episode last year that ended up with her in ER because of the voices.

She is now on Seroquel and stable. It really doesn't sound to me like you are medicated? Or that you aren't taking enough?

As for no one being able to understand, you would really be surprised at just how many people suffer from this! About one in thirty will have some sort of episode with voices/visual hallucinations in their lifetime - about one in one hundred live with it daily, so you aren't alone :)
i was on seroquel along with a antidressant called zolfot and they went fine at first, but them i started to have side effects so i came of the zolfot and because i am not a inpatent and the normal GP can not out percriptions for seroguel my GP has just put me on zyprexa 5mg per day where with seroquel i was on 200mg a day
ok the counsellor is at the monet teaching me to breath and relax at this point.The phyc is trained in drepression PTSD and aniety. Yes my GP is handling my medication as a in patient i was on 200mg zolfot per day and 200mgs of seroquel per day, but about mid july i started to have side effect from these medications. So my GP put me on edornax 4mg per day but at the time i thought she dad said 18mgs per day but i know know it was the voices telling me this, so now my GP told me no 4mgs and also i am taking 5mg per day of zyprexa. the hardest thing with the abuse is that when i final told my parents about they believed that it was my fault and i was to blame not the other persons that did this I was about 20yrs when i first spoke of this and still today i am to blame in my step fathers eyes and partly in my mothers eyes as my mum makes it clear she doesn't want the police to get involved. I guess the reason for this is it will make waves in the family again because i also found out some time ago know that my daughter was also abused and i had charges laid on this person and my mother had made it quiet clear that the only reason i had done this was to a pay back for what had also happened to me and that i was making there life hell and how could i do this to her son.
I thank you for your input about the PTSD talkboards i did look for one at first, but i could not find it. Use see i am know at the point of going of to a trial inorder to get my son back, as when i ended back in hospital which was about this time last year my ex of 8yrs decided to take me to court inorder to stop me from having my son back in my care. though i know i am capible of looking after my son, he want other wise. It just feels like my heart is being ripped out more because of this i love my son so much and in lots of ways he help me to stay focesed and not being allowed to have my son back in my care. It seems to me that i'm being punshed for was the assult on myself with the siringe of blood for six months i had to have test done wondering if was going to get aids or hep b an c and when i came out of the hospital last year my mother told me that i was suppost to have the test for twelve months, but i didn't know this, but i know no i am clear. at the end of the day i truly love my son and just want to beable to have my son back and be allowed to be his mum once again.