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Hey all. I am having a hard time with akathisia at the moment, not as bad as it has been before but its still annoying (dont think I could have used a computer before when I had it).

I first started seeing a psychiatrist for depression and anxiety. Since then I have had so many different psychiatrists saying I have this or have that, which has been has been really crazy. Some psychiatrists I have seen say I have paranoia and delusions and I have been on so many antipsychotics at high doses for it (Haloperidol, Seroquel, Risperidone, Solian, Abilify, Largactil (Thorazine), Zyprexa. It has been really quite crazy. I have had akathisia a few times which was a lot worse than what I have now, which I think is withdrawal akathisia as I stopped taking risperidone.

I didnt abruptly stop taking the drug, lowered it slowly and then stopped it. Since It has been stopped the akathisia has been pretty constant. I have tried taking diazapam and lorazepam with no effect. Used benztropine in the past but I would rather not take that again. Also noticed that mirtazapine helped my akathisia when I first had it but I never want to go back onto an antidepressant nor do I have access to the drug. I have been on inderal before and that seemed to make it worse but not sure.

Currently not taking any medication and I feel like crap.

When I was in hospital the psychiatrist there put me on lorazepam to take when needed for social phobia which is what he said I had rather than paranoia. When I was out and had to see a new psychiatrist (could not afford how much he charged for out patient visits) the new doctor said that lorazepam was too addictive and I couldnt take it, put me on a low dose of valium and added haloperidol!!!!

I am pretty unsure what to do. Does akathisia just ride itself out after a while? I cant go back to my old psychiatrist because he will just put me back on antipsychotics and there is a waiting list to see a new one though I dont know if it will help from my past experience. I went to my GP and she said she has no idea what to do. I am not depressed or even psychotic so I think they would just laugh at me if I went to hospital for this hehe.

Another thing, when I first had akathisia from solian my psychiatrist at the time kept adding more solian thinking it was anxiety, I heard that this happens a lot.