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Yes, I guess it was pretty unlucky for both of them to have it...there is no one else on either side of our family who has it either as far as I know...pretty strange eh?

My daughter gets bad when she is under stress too...which I am sure is what uni is for you at the moment...if she has an argument with her b/f or starts a new job, it flares up again..she has been signed off work for 3 months at the moment. She takes Seroquel, but it has stopped being as effective as it was and they are thinking about changing or upping the dose.

You say you are going to see your doc on Friday to change meds...well, I honestly think you would be better off in hospital to do that...they can keep an eye on you there and give you help right away when you are feeling this bad. Sometimes going into hospital until you are stable is a good thing. Why don't you think about calling your doc tomorrow morning and telling him you can't wait until Friday? You really don't have to suffer that long...it is his job to help you and I am sure he would do that if you called him and told him how you felt. I know it must be really really hard to tell someone you are contemplating taking an overdose...but I think only then will they realize just how much you are suffering and that they need to help you asap.

My daughter (Michelle), wants to know if you realize that the paranoia isn't real, even though it feels like it? Do you have voices saying horrible things to you too? She hears voices of people she knows and they really speak down to her...sometimes I have to remind her that they aren't real too as she will become unsure again after hearing them for a while.