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hi..im new here..im a 25/m from ontario canada and i have had schizophrenia for 4 years now..and i have a problem..

i am having infertility problems..the first medication i was on was seroquel and risperdal..i had problems since then from this medications!

the medication seemed to work but i was infertile..i weighed 170 lbs..and this rapid gain of weight was way too fast..before this i weighed 138 lbs.. im 5'8"

i had infertility problems since the start of seroquel and the voices told me that i would have this. and after i got off seroquel i was sort of ok..not that great but ok with infertility. and now im on other medications but i went to ****** and typed in the names of medications and it says nothing about infertiltiy so im curious on how to fix this problem! as i said..im only 25 and have gone through probably 15 types of medications and nothing has worked for me.:confused: