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I am taking low doses of both Risperdal and Seroquel (for different things), I've been on Seroquel a long time, Risperdal is fairly recent. I've developed a problem with constipation, which I've read can be a side effect of both of these meds.

I just started taking a laxative and so far, NO GOOD, nothing.

So I'm wondering if the Seroquel or Risperdal or taking BOTH of these meds is overpowering, so to speak, the laxative? :confused:

(the laxative I'm taking is a store brand equivalent to Senokot)
I had a similar problem with seroquel and cymbalta. The store bought laxative did nothing. I switched to a metamucel style fiber drink every day after lunch, and have been going regular since.

Good Luck
I was on risperdal fer over 4 yrs but never had constipation till i took sum seroquel in the MH. I drank epsonsalt water. It tastes terrible but it wrks like a charm. Always has fer me anyway. My grandfather made me drink it as a kid wen i'd get irregular. He was an old indian w/ a lotta knowledge about herbs & stuff but he said this wrkd better than anything he'd ever used. It never hurts to try. Shane