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The problem is paranois is tied into a bunch of different disorders so it is difficult to narrow it down. My paranoia comes form depression and maybe post traumatic stress disorder as well. At one time I was taking Effexor for the depression, Wellbutrin for the depression, Lithium to keep my mood level steady, Temazapam for sleep, Remeron for depression and sleep, Zyprexa to get rid of the voice and stop the urges. Now I take Nardil for the depression, seroquel for the voice, urges, flashbacks and Temazapam for sleep. It takes a while to find the right drug mix for you. My best suggestion is to keep track of every single behavior, though, urge, paranoia through out the day for the time leading up to your next appointment. This will give your doctor a clear idea of what you are dealing with and hopefully will be able to diagnosis and a treatment plan.

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