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I will say this that in most states if you were to ever get pulled over and the officer thought you were under the influence, they can and will test your blood levels.... If it comes back that you have narcotics in your system, you can be cited for driving under the influence, just as if you were driving drunk.

I take alot of meds besides just the pain pills and I do not take all that I am prescribed. I try to take them around when I have to drive as I do not want to take any chances. I think there is also the point where many people build a tolerance for their pain pills and they don't really effect their driving and daily life as much as someone who just started taking them.

I am no longer able to work so at least I don't have to worry about that. But I do still have to do some driving everyday. The scary part is that I have to take pain pills, muscle relaxers, xanax, seroquel, lamictal, just to name a few. I have two sons, one is 20 and works nights. My other son is 16 and has a graduated license so I have to be in the car with him. It is hard because I cannot take him somewhere at night due to my meds. I will not take that chance due to what I take at nighttime at 9pm. I could take him, but not pick him up. There is no way. I will not risk hurting someone else out there. I don't go anywhere except to take my son back and forth to school. He has basketball games on the weekends and he drives.

I have been on my meds for along time and have probably built up immunity to them but once again, if I were pulled over and an officer looked at my eyes, he may think something else. Why take that chance. I know alot of people that do it and I am sure alot of people will respond and say that they are fine driving. The only other time I drive are to my doctor's appointments every month. I have three that I have to see every month. I am a nervous wreck when I go to them. I see my pain doc every 28 days at 7:30 in the morning and the first thing they ask is have you taken your meds this morning.

I am just giving my two cents worth.

Have a great day.... Jenn