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Hello..I am new to HealthBoards. I am seeking information on how to register my cannine as a service dog/assistance dog? I have had PTSD for two years. Also, diagnosis of Major Depression-recurrent. My dog has stopped me from suicide four times. She is very sensitive. She licks the tears from my cheeks and that snaps me back to reality. I also struggle with dissocation/detachment. My hallucinations have increased I am currently in counseling and was doing some work with the EMDR therapy. Recently, I had a death in the family (my mother) I had another breakdown and was suicidal and had to have another hospitalization in a Behavioral Science Unit. My doctor wants to write a letter for me. He agrees that my new dog is a necessity for me. He just needs some type of paperwork to write the letter. If you have any information on how to register her as a service/assistance dog please let me know. I hope I have explained this well enough..I have had difficulty concentrating and processing. I still have nightmares and full body jerks, the body movements happen when I am going to sleep and during the day. They have increased my doseage of Seroquel, Wellbutrin, and klonopin. I hope I have given enough information? Please, let me know who can help me register my dog. Thanks for any and all information. You may call me Ashleighlarison. :wave: