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Thanks very much for your indepth reply, its opened up many questions.What you wrote was very interesting and put things in order.

I forgot one big piece of information. I am currently being treated...i had a mental health assesment a few months back, they said i have a range of symptoms which may suggest the onset of schizophrenia, of course i totally ruled it out and went off in storm and shouted sometihng the lines of 'im not depressed, i just wouldn't mind dying'.

They put me of 200mg of Zoloft(sertraline) and 500mg of Seroquel, of course theres me believing notihng is wrong and thinking what i was goign throguh was normal, i noyl recently started taking them and the side effects are bad, very sleepy and tired...but i'm only realising that i need to change and something is wrong with me, i use the word wrong which i dislike but anyhow.

So im trying very hard to stop the drug use, iwoudln't say im an addict of cocaine any drug for that matter but its the only way too find otu if its genetic or drug related....plsu the fact that my symptoms are slowly gettign worst.

So i tohught i'll search online for more info, and reading stories here is helpful. I know it won't be easy to change...i mean think to myself to actually get better, instead of thinkign notihng is worng and everyone is lying.

I'm hoping my meds will do something...instead of disabling me more.

Thanks. How are you now?