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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="DarkOrange"]Doctors have their own opinions and and when I was on lortabs my doctor wouldnt give me more than 4 a day.As for the ambien..OMG becareful.I am one of those who sleep walks and does weird things when I took it.I freaked out my husband and my kids and it really scrared them.I didnt believe some of the stuff they were telling me so the next night I did it again and my husband got the video camera out and got me on video sleep walking and doing other wierd things.I was floored and embarassed.Whenever we're watching tv and an ambien commercial comes on my husband gets crazy mad.He thinks it should be banned.Needless to say I will never take one again.My doctor put me on seroquel and that helps alot.Anyway,just wanted to share my story about the ambien with you and it's very nice meeting you.;)[/FONT]
I'm sorry I have to put my 2 cents in here on the Ambien...it like every other drug out there affects different people different ways. I have taken Ambien for 4 years and never had a single problem or "episode" with it. My insomnia is so severe as a result of CP and Bi Polar, that my pdoc actually has me on Ambien CR and Sonota, plus I take 400mg Seroquel, which is also sedating...but that's the ONLY way I ever sleep. So I'm sure it has it's horror stories but for some people like me, it does offer help.