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Hey all:

For me, not working anymore and not having any little ones to be chasing around, my sleep patterns aren't as much of a problem. If I'm awake a lot during the night I can sleep in etc., but for my husband it was becoming a problem. Our primary tried Ambien, amitryptaline, and some other commonly prescribed sleep aids, but none of them did anything. He dosn't have CP, but he was having a lot of trouble sleeping. It was his Psychiatrist who finally got him the rest he needed.

What he determined was that my hubby's insomnia was a result of "obsessive thoughts", you know, that laying there, night after night, not being able to shut your mind off and relax? He would start thinking about something from his day and then it would turn into worry and then so on and so forth, til it would become this viscious cycle.

What he ended up prescribing was a med called Seroquel. He takes it in combination with another med called Lamactil. The combination is commonly referred to as a "bi-polar cocktail". My husband is not diagnosed as having bi-polar disorder. He doesn't have the manic episodes or deep depressions normally associated with BPD. What his doc says, is that he does have "obsessive thought behaviors" and that is why he felt this combo of meds would work for him. It has definitely helped him.

I'm not saying that this is what is causing your sleep issues, but thought I'd chime in with another possibility. God Bless, cmpgirl :)