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[QUOTE=aussiejono;3463942]why are you taking prozac AND celexa?

I must be missing something because I do not see where Chris stated they are taking Celexa, they are taking Celebrex which is an anti-imflamatory.

I take both Prozac and Cymbalta because at high levels of Cymbalta I get nervous ticks and it alone is not enough to combat despression and the small amount of Cymbalta does help with pain. My husband in fact takes 3 different anti-depressants, 2 sleeping medications plus a host of other medications because he has Treatment Resistant Depression and a VNS device. A qualified Psychiatrist does often combine several anti-depressants, each one works differently.

It's no different than a Pain Management patient taking Morphine and Percocet. Everyone's needs are different and one regimine that works for one person may not work for the next.

In fact when I was on Morphine for many years I was on that plus Ulram (which had to be taken away because of seziure risk), 3 anti-depressants (1 was for sleeping), Xanex XR plus the long action Ambien just to sleep. Of course because of my own body's chemistry nothing worked. I still woke up every hour for at least 5 minutes at a time.

It is not uncommon for individuals who take narcotics to need a sleeping medication. If you are like me, some medications cause you to stay awake instead of putting you to sleep. In fact, the only pain medication I ever found that made me sleep was Methadone and the others such as Morphine caused so much insomnia the amount of medications I was given to go to sleep would have knocked out an average person for a long time but never once affected me.

Also keep in mind excessive sleep is not always medication induced, Depression can also be a large factor in causing excessive sleep. But because you are saying you are having a hard time in the morning Ambien may not be the med for you. My husband has the same problem and finds that Sonnata plus Seroquel is the right mixture that allows him to sleep deeply but not wake up groggy.

As far as Ambien is concerned, the side effects of Ambien are pretty heavy for some individuals. In fact over the last year it's been in the news about how many people are sleep walking, sleep eating and doing other scary things while on Ambien. If it is "too heavy" for you you might ask for Elavil or a different sleep medication.

I stronly suggest you speak with your doctor and ask to try a different Sleeping medication.