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Hi there everyone. I really dont know what to write but just need a little bit of advice from you guys. After suffering for bout 8 months of really bizarre shit, the usual hallucinations & wrongful perceptions i was diagnosed with Schizophrenia for which i take 450mg of Seroquel & 10mg of Olanzapine to keep it under control.

However lately, have been feeling really low, even more so than usual so i told both my CPN & Pdoc the way i was feeling to which end they have introduced Cymbalta into the equation as well.

I have no problem in taking medicine if it is really needed but cant help but feeling maybe im taking too much? The sheer amount of Anti Psychotics circulating in my system leaves me completely zombified & maybe this explains why i feel so low? What should i expect in adding the Cymbalta in to the Medication cycle?

I know it seems a silly bunch of questions but if anyone could offer any advice or information i would be mose grateful. Thanks again guys!
Hey there all psychatrisists have a different way of doing things, I was on two anti psychotics, and other shit as well. I was on seroquel, invega, tegretol, welbutrin, buspar, kolonopin. That's alot of shit. But Now I get to lower meds and start taking them away, so just on buspar, seroquel, invega, and tegretol. It will get better and if you feel like a zombie and you just started taking them maybe it will go away after a week. But then let your doc know and he can get something else in the pic if you need it. Good luck
Hi ,i also take more than one antipschycotic ,Abilify and Amisulpride both drugs have little side effects thankfully,

i was on 800 mg of seroquel for 6 years which helped with the psychosis but left me really sedated ,saying that i have had no experience with Cymbalta ,but my guess is you will no doubt get more sedation.

when i experience really low days i take procyclidine ,it helps with the side effects of the antipschycotics and lifts my mood ..