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I am not saying this is what you have but Bipolar tendencies and Schtizophrenic tendencies combined is schizo-affective disorder. I believe.

It kind of sounds like your meds to be adjusted. Spiraling off could be mania, the voices could be classifies as psychotic behavior (I have this as well and it results from either depression or BPD depends on the day I guess but Seroquel keeps it in check.

Maybe an idea would be track all of your thoughts, behaviors for a few weeks and see if there is any patterns plus doctors love this kind of info.

take care
well i hope this doesnt happen twice but somehow i totally lost the whole thread i typed. so im sorry if this is a repeat. but i wanted to say thanks for the advice. i too am on seroquel and a anti depressant and a mood stabilizer and a benzo, and adrenal and pituitary supplements, which are kicking my butt!! like i wasnt bouncing off the walls before! i asked him today if this was normal and he just smiled and said, well a little more energy feels nice doesnt it? im like ha, no doubt! but i am afraid they will lead me to the dark places in my mind. but he told me it was necessary to take these because my hormones are not stable and it is causing instabilities in me. so its a vicious circle. the worst part of it is i do lournal my "issues" but no one actually believes theres a problem, because they never see it. husband has full time school and works nights, and my mom lives in a different town. (thank god!)

i had surgery on the 1st of feb, a total reconstruction of my throat. removed all the tissue on my upper palate and i have 3 screws in my jaw to keep it open when i sleep. i was dipping into the lower 70% of oxygen when i sleep. anything lower than 70 can cause brain damage. so this surgery was necessary and excrutiating. so i was on morphine and oxycontin for 3 days and oxy for 9 days after that. and my mom believes that i suffered brain damage due to the drugs and anesthesia. even though my surgeon said that there was like a .2% chance and so rare she has never heard of anything like that happening. so i have that chatter all the time that reallyirks me because despite what everyone else percieves-I know what is happening to me. if anybody would know it would be ME.

sorry this is so long. but i warned you that i cant stop myself from flapping my jaws. hahaha

anyways thanks for the advice, hopefully the neuro/psych will be able to help me. i refuse hospitalization. been there too many times.

i will update my condition for this when i get a dx. lets just hope there are options to help me with this. and i will let you know if mom changes her mind by then. hahah!!