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Morning all,
I just got back from the neurologists office and after much discussion regarding my hubands "pacing" and anxiety, he has added Seroquel to go along with his other meds, ie. Namenda, Aricept, Trazadone. Does anyone have any experience with this drug? Also, do I need to get guardianship to deal with his decisions if we already have living will, durable POA, will?

[COLOR="Navy"]My Mom was on Seroquel and it really requires a balancing act. If your hubby is in a controlled area where someone will have their eyes on him 24/7, they can watch him to make sure that he will be balanced right. But it is strong and it takes time to get the right amount in you and keep you on a controlled level. I don't think that I would have tried it on my own as bad as my mom was, and with the other drugs that she was on at the time.

Janie~My Mom took Seroquel, she had really good results with it. It took her about 6 weeks to work, it does have to build into their system. My Mom's problem was that she saw people who weren't there, and they agitated her.
She walked the floor all night, called the police when it was not necessary, all this led to her having to have 24 hour care at home. We had really good results with it, hope this helps. DeeDee
My Dad's Doctor told me there was a limit to what they could do with Seroquel and other meds on the higher end of the anti psyc. spectrum while he was at home. It was easier to get the dose right in a NH - where the stress level on the patient was pretty constant. At home it was harder to adjust it to make them managable but not doped up and snoozing all the time, as the stress level is variable.

My Dad actually did better once he was in the NH - at home he was surrounded by everything that reminded him of what he couldn't do. He was very frustrated. Once all that was gone he calmed down. Over 6 months or so there they were able to back him off all of the drugs but an anti - depressent.