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sorry you had to suffer with the pancreatitis, my son went thru that hell around age 12. it sucked. i am wondering if the depakote actually did work well for your seizures? my son was on it because we were told it was a mood stabilizer. he cannot take any SSRIs anymore becasue of a hidious reaction to prozac and others. it was a year from hell. my sons pancreatitis came from being in liver failure first. it just developed over time. when years later,after his liver transplant,they mentioned placing him onto the dep,i kind of freaked since there IS a huge black box warning about liver problems. but it was cleared by his GI doc who i do trust and he went on it with no liver or pancreas problems. i was not aware that the dep had the tendancy for developing pancreatitis til more recently either. we have him on seroquel now too,which is another med we have to watch his pancreatic enzymes for. he is also on trileptal? it is another anti seizure type med,it seems to be working for his depression along with the seroquel.

were they actually checking your liver labs every month while you were on the dep? they really are supposed to be doing very regular liver panels during treatment with dep. it actually has the tendency to affect the liver functions much more often than the pancreas. just wondering if they were actually checking that for you BEFORE the pancreas became inflammed? its just the two organs tend to kind of 'play off' each other in certain ways. were they also checking your amy and lipase during ongoing treatment or did they not do that til you actually presented with the pancreatitis?

i just wanted to mention to you something i do remember reading about in oxy based products? it can affect the pancreas too in certain ways. did you do okay when you were taking the percs before? it sounds like it from what you described here. as far as PM goes, are you having a constant or intermittant type of pain? that would kind of dictate what would just work best for your particular condition. you could always try a longer acting med alone and see how that manages your pain or also try LA with some level of break thru med for episodic panc pain that can flare up on you. i DO remember that. you just really need something if this is a more constant type of pain that will keep it better controlled so it WONT flare on you if that is part of your pain process at this point.

considering this condition can take a while in some people to actually calm down,seeing a real pain management type doc wouldn;t be out of the question for you. they would at least be able to help manage this for you til things got better and stayed that way. just some suggestions for you. i do hope this will get better for you soon. please keep me posted. Marcia