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Traditional psychiatrists and the whole medical profession looks down upon orthomolecular treatment. Only recently has the government undertaken a truly unbiased double-blind study regarding megadoses of vitamins, which will be completed in 2009. Orthomolecular psychiatrists use anti-psychotic drugs as well as megavitamin treatment, so it isn't ignoring the short-term help that anti-psychotic drugs have. However, over a long period of time, those anti-psychotic drugs have very harmful effects (although there are drugs that interact with the glutamate receptors, and may have less harmful effects, being tested right now). I would highly recommend that your son take manganese (not magnesium) for tardive dyskinesia, an extremely dangerous side-effect of anti-psychotics, in regular doses. Studies have suggested it helps prevent it.

I am on my own orthomolecular regiment, and I can say that I have noticed niacin help, because when I stopped taking it my symptoms got worse. Megavitamin therapy does not have the immediate effect that antipsychotics have. It is a program that includes eliminating cerebral food allergies, proper diet, and supplements. I would highly recommend any book by Abram Hoffer. The only reason I am still entertaining the ortho treament is because a lot of new studies are revisiting Abram Hoffer's adrenalin-adrenochrome hypothesis. Even if his methods are overstated, his hypothesis is gathering more and more support.

As for my medicine, I found one that works pretty well for me. I first started with seroquel and lithium. (I am schizoaffective--schizophrenic and bipolar). The seroquel didn't help, but it helped me sleep, so I am still on it. The lithium didn't really help so I was put on lamictal. I was also put on risperidal but had a really bad psychotic episode and became suicidal. I am now on zyprexa and it has helped ease my symptoms. To recap, I am currently on lamictal, seroquel, and zyprexa. The seroquel helps me sleep, the lamictal isn't working as well as it did when i first started because I still get really depressed, and the zyprexa works wonders in controlling my symptoms (and it's only been two days)

I hope that answers your question. I am seeing an orthomolecular MD soon. I also extend my prayers to your son and family, I know first hand how devasting this illness can be. Just know that it isn't your fault.
Thanks for the information, it certainly does sound like a promising treatment. It was quite late over here in England when I posted my reply and I didn't research orthomolecular treatment as much as I should have - sorry about that!

I know what you mean about side effects, my son's weight went up to 17 stone after one particular drug, Zyprexa I think, but he was on a hefty dose which probably contributed to it. It worked very well but the weight gain was unacceptable to him. Abilify (Aripiprazole) has been an excellent medication for him but I know that it's very expensive, our GP said that it costs about £280 (approximate figure, can't remember the exact amount) a month for it. Fortunately, with the NHS over here, he only has to pay £7.10, about $14 at current exchange rates I believe.

You asked in your original post about a cure - a friend's son spent 8 years on Seroquel and has now stopped all medication and is functioning well and has been doing so for the past 5 years. Now whether that's classified as a cure, I don't know, but it's good news anyway! I can remember thinking that every new drug prescribed for my son would be the one to get rid of this devastating illness, how naive I was back then. It's been a very steep learning curve over the past 8 years or so but we've coped and my anxiety about it has now lessened somewhat.

Thanks for your help in explaining all of this, I shall now go off and do some research. I do hope that you find an answer to your original question, I for one will follow this thread with interest.