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I guess this would be the board to post it on since I have both schizophrenia and bipolar (schizoaffective disorder).

I want to be prepared to talk to my doctor about getting pregnant, but I am on...I think they're categorized as "C" medications?: lamictal, welbutrin, and depakote. I'm also on seroquel and haldol, but he says I can take those when pregnant. Next week I see him, and I am going to ask to be tapered off these medications for something different.

Those who have gone through a pregnancy, I would like to know what pills you were placed on, and if you had any serious problems (like having to hospitalize yourself because of relapse)?

I really like the meds I'm on, but I would really like to try for children more. I just got married, and I think its ridiculous that I have to be on birth control, but I don't want to hurt any child of mine with those meds.