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I was curious as to other peoples experience with meds and weight gain......I was on Seroquel for an extended amount of time twice.....on both occasions I gained about 100 pounds each time.....has anyone had any weight gain or loss with any of the other Meds???

also does anyone take Abilify and if so what has your experience been with weight gain/loss????
Also I lost 100 pounds after switching to Risperidal......then went back to seroquel and gained again.......hopefully the Abilify will result in more wieght loss but I am crious to how Abilify affects others
Wow, that is the worst I have ever heard. I gained 15 lbs in one month on seroquel, and have gained about 10 since then.
Seroquel is the worst I have found, when I first started on it, I gained 140lbs in less than 1 year. I since took the weight off, but it has started to go up slightly again, about 10lbs. I exercise, eat right, but it seems to have knocked my metabolism for spin. Also, I get these insane eating craving werewolf like things happening after i take my dose at night. I literally wake up sometimes in the middle of the night with food hanging out of my mouth, my daugther has commented that it is just insane that I have not chocked to death on food, as it has actually been partially down my throat when I fell asleep. I find that Seroquel is the worst as it causes the cravings and then puts me to sleep, but allows...the "Sleep Eating"
i gained about 75lbs from risperdal in the first yr. then it kinda stopped for the next 2 yrs i was on it. then i went on zyprexa and gained about 75lbs in like half a yr. then i was taken off that and now im on seroquel and havent gained anything. ive actually lost weight. but about sept when i was put on the seroquel, ive been struggling with an EDNOS. (eating disorder not otherwise specified). so i tend not to eat for days or i purge or over excercise. its not the best route trust me. please dont anyone think about starting to do that just to lose the weight. its hell to put ontop of everything else
I found seroquel the best I lost (with exersice 10kg) after putting on 15kg with risperidol (had terrible side effects too) , unfortunetly my dose was too low on seroquel and I became unwell and was put on solian and have put back all the weight I lost plus some (15kg) , I am now changing over to abilify as my blood sugar and cholesterol is very high. I'm hoping it works for me and I can loose weight.
Thanks for the medication breakdown. I am suffering major weight gain from Seroquel And need to look into other meds for my cocktail. I like to present my psyc doc with info I have gathered. It makes me feel more in control.