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My shrink's put me on Seroquel for.. well not sure exactly... I think Bipolar depression and Schizotypal.

My shrink has put me on Seroquel 75mg a day.
He refuses to put me on a higher dose due to 'all the side effects it will have'.
He refuses to put me on an anti depressant cause he thinks it will make me worse.. which I accept to a degree.. though I've only ever been on venlafaxine in my past and I don't understand why he can't just put me on a different one.

My shrink is not very nice.. I won't go into details, but he makes out that I lie about everything things like that.
He keeps talking about Lithium.. getting my hopes up that he'll put me on it... then no.. he comes to conclude that I'll only OD on it.

My issue with Seroquel is this.
I don't like it. I mean... I think it does aleviate my extreme depressed episodes... but I like being up.. not fully hypomanic.. but just.. almost there and I wish I could always be there. But Serquel just turns me into a complete zombie for at least 2 days after taking such a low dose.
I've tried it for a week and I've stopped taking it (which I'm worried about telling my shrink about because I'm worried he'll turn around and say 'right, I'm not giving you anything'... in which case my depression will eventually kill me). But Seroquel makes me sleep for about 13 hours a night... and when I wake I feel like I've only had an hours sleep, I feel like I've been punched in the face and also I feel so zombified I can't even think or talk properly.

Can someone tell me.. does this go away the longer you take Seroquel??? I really have to know this. Or will it always come with this symptom... cause if so, I can't take it. I'm currently on no meds now.. i just have my box of seroquel sitting on the side gathering dust and I cant take any until I know I can take it without feeling like crap.

I'd appreciate any input.

(I've also writen this on the bipolar forum, so forgive me if it seems more sided to bipolar... I'm writing it here too thought because I know some people with a schizophrenic disorder may take it too, so I wanna get your input on how you find this drug.)

I take 300mg every night, mornings are usually tough but when I take it at 8pm I can wake up at 8am no problems. Everyone has different side effects to the drug though.
Personally thought I was an insomniac but doc told me bipolar and PS.

I'd work on finding someone you're comfortable with (different psychiatrist) and ask them about abilify if you're not diggin seroquel.