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I've been on seroquel nearing a month now; I take one 300mg pill every night.

Ok my question is: Is Seroquel a compounding medicine, meaning do the prior doses depend on future doses OR does it work until the medicine gets used up and depends on just future doses?

I ask because towards the end of the day it seems i go into a manic stage. And if I miss a dose I turn into the bipolar butthead I've always been.

Any suggestions what to ask my psych? I pay $100 for like 5 minutes and don't have insurance so the 5 minutes is extremely limited. The pills cost over $11 a piece and I'm a college student. Help! thanks!
I have been on Seroquel now for around 5yrs.
I take 200mg every night.
Simple answer to your question is...the majority of the medication gets used up, and it relies on future doses.
The Seroquel that you are using, kind of works like this, you get one big buildup of medication that kind of pyramids from the time you take it.
What you may want to discuss with your Dr is Seroquel XR this is a sustained release version of the regular Seroquel so that you get the benefits on a more lvl basis, not the typical pyramid up down.