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That's all zyprexa did for me as well. I couldn't stop eating or sleeping, so I switched to seroquel instead.
i was on zyprexa for a couple months, from about feb-aug. it made me very tired and i gained a lot of weight on it, because i was constantly hungry. i was put on it the first time i was admitted to the hospital and it did work at first. but after about 2 months my voices came back worse then before. i did make a mistake of not telling my therapist. so in the end i was hospitalized again in early Sept and they took me off it because i refused to take a higher dose because of the weight gain. so now im on seroquel, which is helping the voices and i can actually put together proper sentences.... but im more paranoid and apprentley dillusional. soo i might be taken off this one. and its btw the 3rd ive been on. have you talked to your dr. about the hallucinations getting worse? because you should. you might just need a higher dose or something.
Zyprexa worked for my younger brother who suffers from paranoia. The problem with it is that it can cause severe weight gain. He had to switch to seroquel actually. Seroquel hasn't helped yet at all but he is only on 50mg for some reason. In my opinion he is not on a high enough dose.