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I am Bi-polar..i was diagnosed when i was 17 and im 29 now. i applied for ssdi after denying that i needed it for years. my mom and all my doctors encouraged me to do so. finally i signed up in december of 07. i just got approved last month. but like a lot of the others have said i had massive medical history (going back constant for 12 years) and loads and loads of failed jobs. i was lucky i didnt have to hire a lawyer so that means i can keep all the money due to me. my advice is to stay in close contact with your doctor(s) and talk with them and see if they are going to back you up. im by far an expert on it but i was told by my case manager it was the sheer volume of my medical history, attepts on several medications and being hospitalized due to the various complications from bi-polar mania and depression. i know that i am still searching for a medication that makes me feel ok. ive been on seroquel for a couple of years and while it does make the rage episodes go away i still cycle. Good Luck! and take care!