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[COLOR="Blue"]Hi all,

I began taking 300 mg Effexor daily + seroquel 100mg at night about 3 months ago. Now I'm functioning OK, but a bit below par.

I'm much more settled, and far less anxious, but I'm really really vague, can't seem to concentrate very well and process information, and I'm really really appathetic. :o

My normal personality style is driven, conscientious, thorough and methodical attention to detail. :D

Now I'm nearly the complete opposite of this. I'm so laid back that it's 4.00pm in the afternoon and I'm still in my pyjamas, haven't brushed my teeth, and haven't done a scrap of work all day. And worst of all, I don't give two hoots that I haven't done anything, and it's not a one off - I've being doing quite a bit of this recently. ;)

Is this the flu? Or something worse?

hmmmm, waratah "still in her pyjamas" . . .lol :jester:
I had a horrible experience with effexor, as do many people. It is probably not the drug for you if you feel this way. I also was "kinda" apathetic, but I was in a foggy-like state in which I don't remember what happened to my life during that time. I just know I was miserable and not very in tuned with reality. I really didn't care about it much until I started feeling very paranoid, and it scared me.

Seroquel is very sedating. I currently on it right now. It may contribute to your problem as far as not bothering to work.

I hope you can turn this around. Good luck.
Hi cinemachick,

You're on Seroquel too? And it's sedating you? Can I ask you a few questions?

I'm currently taking 100mg at bedtime and find it helps me to sleep, but the side effects are daytime drowsiness, constipation, flatulence, dry mouth, unrelenting sweet and carbohyrdrate craving (serious weight gain now), and I'm a bit foggy too and quite apathetic. Last week I had a bit of a problem. I put something on the stove top to melt, as I was leaving the house to go out, I could smell something burning, but didn't recall that I'd put something on the stove earlier despite beng able to smell something burning. When my hubby came home, apparently my pot of 'depiliatry wax' had burned and spattered all over the stove top, walls, and floor. He was not ammused! And I had no recall of putting the wax on the stove in the first place, but I recall smelling something burning as I left the house. This absent mindedness is not like me at all.

I'm usually very precise and saftey conscious with the things I do!

Are you expereincing any of these types of things?

Kind regards, waratah