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Sex addiction is very real. I have struggled with the addiction for many years, since I was a teen. I responded to another posting, and as I wrote I thought maybe a new thread with the topic posted might be helpful to others.

As I mentioned, sex addition is real and it will not get better until you get help. One of the things that fuels the addiction is the secrecy of the addition. I am a sex addict, and I would rather have told someone I was a heroin addict than this. And so you keep your secret and it gets worse and worse, until you either get caught in some horrible embarrassing situation, get arrested for some misdemeanor, or worse, or you get some sexually transmitted disease. Trust me, it only gets worse and you can not, no matter how much you promise yourself, you can not stop on your own. You need to do two things, to start with: (1) get a councilor that specializes in sex addition. Not all councilors know about it, so do not waist your time and money with someone who has no expertise in the area. In your first session with your councilor, tell him or her absolutely everything, no matter how embarrassing. First, he has already heard it before, so he will not be shocked. Second, that is the first step, admit to yourself and God, that you are helpless and then confess your situation to someone else. It will not cure you in and of itself, but you will not believe how you will feel. Its like a new start. You still have a long road, but it is a start. (2) get in a group. There is SA (Sex addicts anonymous) or SLAA (sex and love addicts anonymous). I am in SLAA, and I will be going to meetings for the rest of my life. By the way, there are both men and women, heterosexual and homosexuals in the group. Its all the same. And if you are heterosexual, but act out, as they call it, in some homosexual type of activity or look at homosexual porn, that does not necessarily mean you are gay or Bi, or lesbian. It is just more of the addiction. It is a lot like drugs and alcohol in that, what gets you off in the beginning, later becomes ordinary and you keep looking for something more….hard core, I guess I would call it. Sex addition can be having relations with many people, or it can be some form of solitary activity such as porn, voyeurism, etc. It can also lead to some very illegal and harmful crimes, so do not ignore this or try to go it alone. One of the problems with the addiction, is that it already makes you spend way to much time alone. Finally, get Patrick Carnes’ book “Out of the Shadows” It is a very good overview and if you have the problem, you will think the book was written just for you.

I also struggle with ADHD and depression. I took Serzone for a while and it helped the depression, but the sexual side effects included difficulty in reaching an orgasm. Since then, I spoke to my Dr. and he prescribed Wellbutrin, which does not have the same sexual side effects. The problem is that as I have been reading more on depression, Wellbutrin actually may increase sexual drive, and as such may be contributing to my addition. In general, I AM A BIG MESS!

Well, I hope some of this is helpful, and would appreciate hearing from others.

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