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sorry i dont know if i am replying the right way,

I have been on lexapro since i was in intensive care, he had me at 20mg. I was so depressed even then and I see him weekly for about an hour.

He then told me that he thought the lexapro was not doing anything and that he wanted me to stop it and start buspar, 15 mg 3x daily, I asked my pharmacist about buspar and that dose she said that was high and that she would start out slowly because it could make me tired at first so i took her advice. I tried to stop the lexapro but stopping it made me almost sick physically dizzy tired yuk. so he said to take one 10mg.

I dont know if the buspars doing anything maybe.

but I know he is not big on medicine at all

I have been on so many ad zoloft effexsor paxil celexa serzone I know there has been more.

before adderall i had a problem with being depressed but not like this.

i know what your saying about exercise but Lord is it hard to get motivated i dont understand it once I start i am fine

years ago i used to run every day in the field at the end of the street and boy did i love it, i know this may sound weird but it was like a runners high, well it also gave me lymes disease and two co infections that the tick had babesia and bartonella nasty stuff.

anyway my husband bought me a top of the line treadmill incline everything well it has been probably 2 or 3 years and i have maybe been on 5 or six times.

then last year around feb or march in our town they opened a exercise place called curves he joined me up for a year I have not been there once I really need to go down and talk to the owner.

life can stink If it was not for my family and God I dont know if I would still be here it is so hard I wish there was a support group for people who go through this i know people have said na but i feel so weird it is not like i knocked down granny to get drugs.

I was given a prescription that i picked up from a medical doctor that i trusted so much for that.

thank you all you have been helpful. laurie