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before my sister became a heroin addict she was into coke she snorted it smoked did whatever you could do with it and i just watched her go down she snorted it so much that she now has a deviated septum so thats why she started smoking it quit while your ahead please. i'm not saying it's gonna lead to other things but you never know. my sister was so smart she could have been a writer and ruined it with that sh-t and when all other resources failed she turned to heroin i'm not saying this is gonna happen but what happens if your out drinking and someone has a supply of that instead of coke just stop now. also my brother in law is a recovering cocaine addict and he has to be on serzone for the rest of his life he quit 7 years ago and is still suffering symptoms brain wise i'm sorry if i sound like an idiot but don't get caught up my thoughts are with you i could tell you my sisters life story and he situation right now but i can't type that much let's just say her life is not what it should be luv and hugs kelleighkeep me posted :angel: :angel: