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Ugh.... dropping my chiro is a tough one to hear. He has been the only one listening and giving me any relief for years now from my back issues. While I do agree, sometimes I walk out of there in more agony then I went in... most of the time, it really does help some. Lately he has used more of the electronic therapies which I prefer... The ultrasound therapy has been the best yet... seems to calm everything down for a couple days... I dont know what the other is called but its when you have the four electronic pads on your back with the wires and a wet pad and you get electronic stimulation around the bad area.... that was pretty good too... I have however changed my appointments from every week to every two weeks as the relief is just not lasting long enough for me to keep forking out the cash for. I only get so many visits a year with a copay and then am on my own as it is.

I will again have to see what my PCP (primary care physician) has to say which I am surprised he hasnt called yet... He has been pretty good to me too and perhaps will set me on the path to a specialist. I keep reading the other posts on this website and cant even imagine what others here are going through. My family has had to put up with this for years and these past 3 months have been the climax of it all. I am so tired of saying I cant do this or asking my girls to do this and that for me. They never complain but you can see it in their eyes that they know that their mom is just not right and it bothers them to see me suffer. I cant partake in school stuff like I used to and surely cant sit on the floor playing games anymore.

I sing on a worship team and many weeks cant sing anymore because it hurts my back to put power into my voice... that is one of the most depressing things lately... to not sing. I have been singing since I was 8 years old in choirs and worship teams etc.... to have to not only sing out like I used to but have to sit it out too is just so hard.

On top of all of this is the Fibromyalgia which just adds more pain to pain. Stress makes it worse so of course, the more my back upsets me, the more the Fibro acts up. I never thought I would see the day I just spend hours just crying hoping to fall asleep soon... or hoping the pain meds kick in or whatever.

My husband can tell the look on my face now when I have hit a nerve or something. I could be bending slightly to close a cabinet door now or even sneezing does it sometimes. I freeze and the tears just run.... and then he runs, for the ice, the meds, the routine.

I am only 35 years old and I am tired of this !

I had just wished the test would have said this is it right here and this is what you do to fix it but then wouldnt we all want that right?

What fixes degenerative disc disease anyways? Sounds to me like its something that just progresses worse and worse....

I also have been told by a friend that Lipitor (for cholesterol) has been connected to muscle pain... anyone hear of this? I have been on it for a couple years now (cholesterol was almost 400 then) and worry about it enough with the damage it can do to my liver being on it , but you weigh it against blocked arteries and I guess taking it wins.

I am also on Serzone and Wellbutrin for Seasonal Afflictive Disorder... (winter depression) and just worry sometimes that these drugs joined together can cause some of these other physical problems...

I dont know... can you tell I am just grabbing at answers here?