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Hi Jayboy, :wave: I too was given Cymbalta but had to pay a terrible price for taking it. :( I am not saying this will happen to you or others but I want to let you know what can happen. As other people have mentioned its hard to stay awake. Well... on 10/25/04 I was taking my children to football/cheerleading practice and blacked out while I was driving. We wrecked... with a tractor trailer. Thank God we were in a 35MPH zone otherwise I would have killed myself, my 2 children and my brother in law. I did not escape the accident without life changing injuries. I broke my femur bone in my left leg in 2 places, 5 broken ribs, lacerated liver, crushed the left side of my face. My brother in law had a broken arm and thankfully my children were only bruised from their seat belts. It was only by the grace of God we were not killed. :angel: I had surgery on my leg so I have a metal rod, 2 pins and a screw holding it together. I had plastic surgery on my face to reconstruct all the broken bones. Now I am waiting for another surgery to remove a tumor that was found when the MRI was taken for my accident. The Cymbalta did help my depression, however I wish I had never taken it. I kept thinking the sleepiness would eventually go away, well after 6 weeks it didnt and I ended up almost dead not to mention my children and brother in law could have also been killed. PLEASE PLEASE be careful taking that medicine. I am now taking Serzone (100mg) which is doing a wonderful job. Good luck to you !! :)