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hey mike from maine, doesn't look like the person from bosnia who posted the thread has been around, although if you are, HOPE your doing well! I have a few questions. I've been taking lorazapam for about 5 years off and on. I was also on paxil for 5 years. I have GAD and panic. When I was working and traveling alot there were times when I would take 2 a day 0.5, then when I ran out, didn't see the dr. for a few months, no problem. Well, in April 2000, after 12 yrs, quit my job. Thought my anxiety should be over so I weaned off paxil, hadn't had the other. Everything was fine until my mom had a major stroke and some other personal things. Boom! Anxiety came back full force with the obssesive negative thoughts etc. So, since then I have tried serzone, wellbutrin, now effexor which seems ok. My question. How much were you taking to get addicted like this? The person from Bosnia was taking alot!! I take 2-4 0.5 a day. for now with the effexor. You don't think I'm going to have a problem do you?So far the effexor isn't working yet, so thats why I'm taking a bit more. I work out alot, when I do, my anxiety doesn't usually come until later on. I'm finally up to the max dose of effexor, but I have to give it time. I just can't see being addicted to this, although I feel i need it right now to calm me down. What do you take now? PS Like the Snow!! We got 24 inches and more thanks to you or anyone with INFO on ADDICTION TO LORAZAPAM wendy