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Since this has now opened that means it is infected and should either have an antibiotic ointment for it or you can get tea tree oil and mix it with something like vaseline or A&D ointment. Clean the wound be by irrigating it with normal saline and pat dry then apply the ointment and cover it with a duoderm. Be sure she has some type of pressure relieving mattress on her bed and in her chair such as a gel cushion or an egg crate cushion/mattress. When you turn her on her side be sure to raise the head of her bed up to help ease her SOB. You might also want to ask the hospice nurses about trying an antianxiety medication to help relieve her anxiousness when you do turn her on her side. Since she has an open are she will need extra vitamin C to aide in healing this as well as increased protein so be sure she takes a vitamin C supplement and use a high protein drink or powder several times a day to help heal the wound. Other commercial products that may tried if after the infection is taken care are panafill ointment or acuzyme or possibly silvadene ointment. The hospice nurses will be familiar with these ointments and know if you have already tried these or not. Hope this info helps.