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I go for whirlpool and wound debridement three times a week at PT. I have been to a big wound care center, all they did was biopsy and told me to keep up with what I was doing. I have been to a plastic surgeon who said I may benefit with a muscle flap surgery, but that would screw up my leg for revsion for my TKR.
I use silvadene cream on the necrotic ulcers and an ointment called regranex on the ones that are healing. This stuff is 496.00 a tube, but it seems to work well for making them heal up. Comp pays for it, thank God. I have been on several different antibiotics, pretty much steady since Febuary. I'm at risk for loosing my fake knee if I get a really bad infection. I just spent 3 days in the hospital for cellulits caused by the ulcer on my shin. I have had a few that were just short of showing bone, and one you could watch the muscle go back and forth.
My PM doc and my PC and my OS all agree that the SCS is the only thing that may work for me. So tuesday is the day for the trial. I will keep you posted on how it goes if you wish.
Have a fine day.